About Department

Department of Ecology and Environmental Safety (DEES) is a unit of the Institute of Environmental Safety and Monitoring in Vinnytsia National Technical University. The Department prepares bachelors and masters in "Ecology" and "Technologies of Environment Protection", and is enrolled in scientific activity in the field of environment protection.

The Department also provides the course "Ecology and basics of biosafety and bioethics" for students of different university specialties. During this course students acquire an experience of caring about nature, learn engineering ways to solve environmental problems, which is very valuable for future managers and engineers.

DEES was established in February 2008 by separating from the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Safety, where first students came in 2000 (one of the first in Ukraine). The first Head of the Department (from 2000 to 2008 – Head of the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Safety, and from 2008 to 2015 – Head of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Safety) was D.Sc., Prof. Vasyl Petruk. Due to his active efforts, the environmentalists teaching has started. Since February 1, 2015, the Head of the DEES is Vitalii Ishchenko, one of the first Department’s graduates. 

The Department is among the leaders in Vinnytsia National Technical Univesity and took the top position in VNTU Departments ranking in 2013 and 2014.

The Department has highly qualified teaching staff with scientific degrees and titles, and Honored nature protector, the only in Vinnytsia region (professor Petruk Vasyl). Department staff is actively recruited by its young graduates. More than half of the Department employees are environmentalist prepared by the Department. There is also the only in Vinnytsia region PhD in "Environmental Safety" (Petruk Roman) employing by DEES. The Department constantly checks the needs of companies, institutions and organizations in Vinnytsya and other regions of Ukraine. The themes of bachelor and master works as well as research themes are corresponded with these needs. The Department actively carries out research and cooperates with foreign universities and other institutions.