Ecología (grado de bachiller)

Plan de estudios de licenciatura en Ecología

Curso Créditos Descargas
1 año
Hydrology 3
Chemistry and Fundamentals of Biogeochemistry 3
Biology 6
Introduction to Profession 3
Higher Mathematics 6  
History of Ukraine 3  
Ecological Geography and Eco-tourism 3
Foreign Language by Professional Direction 2  
General Ecology (and Neo-ecology) 5
Microbiology and Fundamentals of Virology 3
Meteorology and Climatology 4
Physics 4.5  
Chemistry and Fundamentals of Biogeochemistry 4.5
Informatics and Systematology 3  
Ukrainian Language (by professional direction) 3  
Foreign Language by professional direction 2  
2 año
Soil Science 5
Human Ecology 4.5
Geology and Fundamentals of Geomorphology 5
General Ecology (and Neo-ecology) (course work)
Analytical Chemistry of Environment 5
Philosophy 3  
Fundamentals of Labour Protection and Welfare 1.5  
Foreign Language by professional direction 2  
Technoecology 7 (course work)
Environmental Toxicology 4
Wildness Protection 6
Organic Chemistry in Technological Processes (option 1) 5
Ecological Cartography (option 2) 5  
History of Ukrainian Culture 3  
Foreign Language by professional direction 2  
Philosophical and humanitarian courses (one to choose)
Individual Psychology 2


Ethics and Psychology of Business Relations
Threats and value Calls of Global Society
Ways of Resistance to Conscience Manipulation
3 año
Normalization of Anthropogenic Pressure on the Environment 7 (course work)
Environment Monitoring 7 (course work)
Modelling and Forecasting of Environment State 4
Urban Ecology 6
Biotechnologies 4
Economic courses (one to choose)
Fundamentals of Economy Theory 2


History and Theoretic Fundamentals of Economy Science
Fundamentals of the Theory of Economy and Business
Fundamentals of the Theory of Economic Systems and Development
Physical-chemical Methods of Environment Analysis 5.5 (course work)  
Fundamentals of Scientific Research Work 3
Environment Inspection (option 1) 3  
Ecotrophology (option 2) 3
Methods of Parameters Measuring in Ecology (option 1) 6
Devices and Methods of Environment Parameters Control (option 2) 6  
Social-political courses (one to choose)
Science of Law 2


Ukraine in Europe and World
Fundamentals of Labour Protection and Welfare 1.5  
4 año
Environmental Safety 6.5 (course work)
Economics of Nature Using 6.5 (course work)
Ecological Standardization and Certification 5
Social Ecology 4
Physical and Colloidal Chemistry of Disperse Systems
(option 1)
Water Supply, Drainage and Quality Improvement (option 2) 5  
Politology 3  
Management in Environment Protection 5.5
Radioecology 3.5
Ecological Marketing (option 1) 3
Agroecology (option 2) 3
Nature Protection Legislation and Environmental Law 3